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Updates, day #3. Ran out of booze, pet ran away, wife dumped me.

Yesterday there was a change made to the way EXP is generated while doing faucet claims. Previously, after you visited a faucet and waited 20 seconds you press the "Claimed" button and are rewarded with EXP. However, this is not a faucet claim. This is a button to tell us that you completed a faucet claim on the site that you shown.

A full claim involves inserting your BTC address into the site and clicking on their claim button, to get paid into your FaucetHub account. After this, you are meant to tell RainPool "I claimed", to get your EXP. Unfortunately over 90% of you have not been doing any actual claiming, and were just getting your EXP and getting rain. If you do not claim with your BTC address the pool does not fill. This kind of behavior does not benefit you or any other user on RainPool.

As of yesterday evening you only get EXP for claims you actually did on each respective site by doing the following:

1. Click the "visit" button to browse a faucet
2. Copy your BTC address from the top bar using the button
3. Enter your BTC address into the website you are shown
4. Solve a captcha or any anti-bot measures on said site
5. Complete the claim by clicking claim on the faucet site
6. After you do this, make sure to click "Claimed" on the top right of the faucet browser window

We hope this clears up any confusion you had regarding EXP, and we hope that now this has been made clear there will be more faucet claims made and a larger pool.

PS: Title is obviously sarcastic and should be treated that way. It's put that way so most of people open the post and read it.

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