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I would like to officially welcome everyone on the new site.

As of 2 days ago, launched and there's been a lot of users active.

RainPool is the easiest site to use and get free bitcoin.

You can earn coins by claiming from the faucets we offer you
(Coins go directly into your FaucetHUB account),
You can earn coins by chatting,
You can earn coins by referring users to the site. You get 10% referral commission.

Now, here's some info you should know.

We're giving 100% revenue share from what we earn through the claims you guys do.
90% goes into rainpool/rains, and 10% goes to referrals.

The site has started to pick up nicely in online activity, but what a lot of users don't understand is that if they don't claim, they wont be rained on, if they just chat.
So, for that reason, I'm adding a new algo, which will require users to do 3 claims per hour, in order they get included in rains, to make it fair for everyone who uses the website.

Don't forget. The more people do claims, the bigger the 90% referral rain commission will be.

This website is self sustained, it's something you've never seen before in crypto (I think? Please correct me if wrong).

I wish you happy earnings and please, follow chat/site rules at all times, so our mod team doesn't have to ban you for rule breaking.
We're not the bad guys, we just need to keep an order so things function as they're supposed to.

All the info you'd possibly need to have can be found here:

In case you need to know something and isn't listed on that page, please ask someone from the mod team in chat.

Also, don't forget, there's a badass night theme in settings, bottom left.



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