How It Works

If you are new to the site you can read this page
to get a better understanding of the basics

Step 1 - Open the Faucet Browser

From the main page click the button inside the "Fill the Pool" area to browse to the current faucet.

Step 2 - Make a Claim to FaucetHub

Once presented with the faucet, enter your Bitcoin address and get a payment into your FaucetHub account.

Step 3 - Click "Done" and get EXP

After you recieved your payout into FaucetHub (not your balance here), you can click "Done" in the top right to collect your EXP.

Step 4 - Chat & Earn From the RainPool

Come back and participate in the chat and get rained on to earn even more Bitcoin for your efforts!

Frequently Asked Questions
Useful answers for the top asked questions

On this page you will find useful questions and answers. is a unique take on the classic Faucet Rotator by adding various extensions and, most importantly, revenue sharing! By using our rotator you can earn even more as we pay out our ref earnings back to you.